Affiliates Programme

Had a good experience with IE MONEY recently? Do you know a friend or a family member who could benefit from IE MONEY remittance service? Share it with them and be rewarded!

This programme will be executed from 1st Jan 2019 (referred as “applicable period”), and is only applied to qualified client referrers and referees with a newly opened account during the applicable period. Refer your friends or relatives to join IE MONEY today. You will receive reward points to enjoy a series of benefits from IE MONEY upon successful referrals!

More points, better rewards

1. When you join the affiliates programme, you will receive a unique code for you to give to your friends that you are referring to IE Money.

2. When a new IE Money account is opened, the new customer will be able to enjoy our discounted rate on their first transaction, if the code is applied.

3. You, the referrer will obtain the corresponding reward points according to your friend’s transaction volume.

4. The reward points is 0.1% of your friend’s transaction volume under code. For example, if your friend has exchanged 1000 NZD or equivalent, you will get 1 point; if your friend has exchanged 10,000 NZD or equivalent, you will receive 10 points, and so on. The points will be rounded up into whole numbers, and the upper limit of each transaction should be 500 points.

5. When your reward points have accumulated to more than 50 points, you can redeem from our rewards options with your points equivalent value worth. Points must be redeemed in multiples of ten.

1. If I have referred more than one friend or relative, can I get more reward points?

Answer: Yes, more referrals more points.

2. If my friend has more than one transaction, can I have more reward points?

Answer: You can only get reward points from your friend’s first transaction. If you want more points, just share your experience with more friends. But you won’t get points if your friend doesn’t use the code.

3. If my reward points have accumulated to 53 points, how much rewards options can I redeem?

Answer: When your have 53 reward points, you can redeem from our rewards options that are worth 50 NZD with 50 points. And the rest will be accumulated for the next redemption.

4. If I’m both referred and a referrer, what can I benefit from this programme?

Answer: If you are both referred and a referrer, you can use your unique code to get our discounted rate for your first transaction with us; at the same time, you will receive reward points when your friends do transactions under code.

5. If I’m a new account client, but I don’t have a referrer, can I have the unique code as well?

Answer: The unique code is only applied to new clients with referrers. You may contact our friendly customer service for more details.

6. I’m being referred, can the unique code be used multiple times?

Answer: The unique code is only available for your first transaction.

7. Can I get referred by several referrers to get more than one unique code?

Answer: Sorry, you can only referred by one referrer.

8. Can I be overseas to join the programme?

Answer: Sorry, you have to be residing in New Zealand.

9. Can this programme be applied in conjunction with other programmes?

Answer: Sorry, every programme is independent and can not be operating in conjunction.

10. Can I transfer my points to the other referrer?

Answer: Sorry, you can’t, each referrer has to have earned their own points.